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Top Tips for Hydrating a Workplace

Top Tips for Hydrating a Workplace

Top Tips for Hydrating a Workplace

Educate your Employee's –

The first step to preventing dehydration is Education. At Waddi we believe Education is the key in all aspects of a workplace. Ensuring your team understands the recommended daily intake of water, which is 8 glasses per day. You can do this by running workshops around hydration in the Workplace. Whilst running these workshops you can emphasis how important it is that all of the benefits of drinking spring water whilst in the workplace.

Educate staff to check the colour of their urine -

This is a simple check, Staff can check the colour of their urine throughout the day to ensure it is clear or light-coloured. Dark yellow urine may be a sign of dehydration for some. Usually the darker the urine, the more water your staff need to consume.

Make Water Coolers readily available –

Once you have educated your staff about their water intake, it’s up to you to make it readily available to your employee's. Installing water cooler stations are a great way of providing hot and cold water coolers to the staff kitchen or communal meeting area's in the office, installing water cooler hydration station's gets staff up out of the seats to re-fill whilst increasing clarity and productivity.

Provide Company Branded water bottles –

If your staff are more up & about than sitting down, why not provide company branded water bottles which will keep their drinking top of mind. You can even look into Waddi's 450ml Aluminium re-useable Can of Spring water, these can be co-branded & are a great talk piece, whilst remaining sustainable.

Add Some Flair with flavour -

Spring Water is great on its own, but some people need a little zest in their life. An easy way to make drinking more appealing is by providing fresh fruit or even just slice of lemon & lime to help people add a little excitement to their glass. Strawberries & Mint make those glasses of water so desirable! 


Be aware of the environment –

Looking at reducing your carbon footprint with wasted plastic bottles!? Our Returnable 15ltr Bottles of Spring Water are the sustainable option, Did you know by placing a Water Cooler / Dispenser in your workplace, you are contributing to a better tomorrow. Our Returnable 15ltr Bottles of Spring Water save more than 1400 plastic 600ml bottles over their lifetime.


Pop up reminder signs –

If you think that your staff will forget to stay hydrated, maybe think about placing some easy to reference reminder signs around the workplace! Maybe it's as simple as "Have you had your 8 Glasses today!?" Simple Answer's, Yes or No.

Educate managers about dehydration –

Teach your management how to spot the signs of dehydration. Not only will this help your staff, it’ll also help your business. If you see a team member a little dehydrated, assist them by grabbing a glass of water from the nearest water cooler station.

If you need more assistance choosing the right water cooler or dispenser for your workplace, please reach out to the Waddi Team today on 1300 914 179.

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