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Water Delivery Area's

Waddi Water

Waddi Springs Services all of Australia, through our National  Distribution network providing services  

  • 15L Returnable BPa Free bottled Spring water
  • 15L & 12L One-Way light weight bottled water
  • Water Dispensers / Mains Connected Units
  • 350ml, 600ml & 1.5L PET bottled Spring Water Range
  • Glass Bottle Sparkling Spring Water
  • Custom labelled bottled water
  • Kombucha (Available in cans, glass and kegs - Western Australia Only)

Indigenous Beverages Australia has always strived to mentor, align, and proactively engage with likeminded Indigenous entrepreneurs and Corporates that have a shared vision for increased Indigenous participation and economic development  across all sectors nationally.

Purchasing products from Waddi ensures, ethical sourcing, increased Indigenous employment and direct spend in community.

Waddi Group is committed to providing local and Indigenous businesses and peoples with full, fair and reasonable opportunity to participate in the supply of goods and services. This commitment extends to always procuring and respecting local content on and off country, upholding a social licence to operate by assisting and engaging to build capacity within the communities we operate.

Procuring quality assured products with exceptional customer service delivering across a National footprint that can provide proven capability, capacity and national price structures.