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The Vision of Waddi Group

Our Vision

Waddi Group has evolved over its years in establishment to share one common vision:

To actively demonstrate and support all Indigenous people of Australia.

Waddi Group is committed to building brighter futures for Indigenous Australians across the nation.

With a focus on sealing the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians Waddi Group believes strongly that investing in future generation’s is a collective social responsibility and will only be achieved by significant collaboration, equitable education, mentoring and contribution from all stakeholders.

Waddi Group actively demonstrates that collectively we can make a significant impact within Indigenous Communities increasing Indigenous economic growth and prosperity.

Our Mission

Waddi Group has a clear mission to assist Government and Corporate Australia to end disparity, via strengthening partnerships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians through understanding, encouragement, and active grassroots involvement within the commercial world. This will then lead to the empowerment of Indigenous people through sustainable employment and economic growth.

 With compelling global evidence that supports the importance of supporting Indigenous businesses, in addition to creating financial value for the owner/ shareholder, it more importantly creates and produces a broader approach to social outcomes.

 By supporting Indigenous businesses in the corporate supply chain every $1.00 spent creates $4.68 - $10.01 of social value. These factual statistics are a crucial component of sealing the gap. With large problems within our Indigenous communities of generational unemployment the team at Waddi believe that if we can collaboratively come together by utilising the products and services of Indigenous business we can move forward together collectively and make the significant impact that is needed within many of the remote Indigenous communities across Australia to break the generational welfare cycle.

Our Difference

Our purpose is twofold:

Our Team are committed to providing a top-quality service with a social conscience. Actively contributing to making a positive difference towards Indigenous unemployment statistics.

 Waddi Group strives to be awarded as many contracts as possible to ensure the immediate upskilling, training, and employment of large numbers of Indigenous people.

 Sealing the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians, inspiring the younger generation to dream while creating and maintaining a safe sustainable and team-friendly work environment.