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Our Waddi Coffee

Waddi Specialty Coffee is roasted and packed in Brisbane, Queensland. Our specialty blends have been hand chosen by the Waddi team. You can be assured that you will have the very best in quality and flavour with our 3 exclusive traditional blends and specially crafted Automatic blend collection.

Waddi Specialty Coffee & Widyarra Specialty Coffee is currently utilised Nationally. Our coffee performs perfectly in bean to cup machines (Automatic Coffee Machines) as well as barista espresso machines. This flexibility ensures our blends can be used in any machine with no change to the quality and flavour profiles.

Waddi is extremely proud to announce their partnership with Franke Automatic Coffee Machines. These machines are the crème of the crop when it comes to automatic bean to cup machines. There is no site too large or small that Waddi cannot facilitate.

Contact your key account manager to discuss your coffee options. A tailored package will be designed for your specific needs.