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The Waddi Way

Quality Assurance

Waddi Group has strict processes in place for monitoring the quality of our Australian Spring Water.

Our first ever Spring has been operated by the family for 20+ years, with this comes an abundant correlation with the Australian Spring Water industry.

By extracting from one Spring Water source, the risk of inferior quality Spring water is very low.

Waddi Group also has a back up Natural Spring which is owned by our two company Directors at Waddi Group.

Waddi Australian Spring Water is filtered on site and again when it arrives at our bottling facility.

Waddi Group utilises one Natural Spring source per bottling facility enabling consistent and superior quality Natural Spring Water.

Our team prides itself on extensive historical experience, vast industry knowledge and strict standards of practice guidelines thus enabling key identifying water quality indicators and all processing treatment requirements.

Returnable bottles: 

Waddi Group assures that the highest standard of procedures and protocols is practiced with all returnable bottles. The returnable bottles receive rigorous cleaning and sanitisation through our specialised cleaning equipment on site prior to being re-filled and capped.

Water Quality:

Each tank of water is individualised as a single load run (the treating of water and filling of bottles). The single run is allocated a unique identifiable batch number.

That batch number is placed onto every bottle filled corresponding to each specific tank of water extracted. A batch sample is also taken of the Spring water, tested and kept for our records.

In the event that any quality issue may arise with the Spring water, the batch number can be tracked expediently to the exact date and single load run for the specific batch.

Many other competing Spring water companies utilise multiple Springs from varying geographical locations and mix the varying Spring water.

Waddi Group strongly disagrees with this common practise. 

Our assurance is that the Spring water you are consuming can be traced back to exactly the geographical location and Natural Spring water source it was extracted from.

Spring Water Filtration System:

The Waddi spring source has been found to be naturally free of impurities however in the interest of safety, the following extensive purification methods are stringently employed to ensure you are drinking the purest water on the planet.

  • Filtration: Source water passes through 5.0 micron, 1.0 micron and the end result being 0.02 micron 
  • UV Sterilisation: Ultraviolet light destroys any microorganisms and provides an additional level of safety and quality

Silver Ion Technology:

Elemental ions attack multiple targets in the microbe to prevent it from growing to a destructive population.

This tri-modal action fights cell growth in five ways:

  • Prevents respiration by inhibiting transport functions in the cell wall
  • Inhibits cell division (reproduction)
  • Disrupts cell metabolism
  • Depending on the microorganism, Silver Ion technology has been shown to initially reduce
  • Microbial populates ions within minutes to hours while maintaining optimal performance for years

pH Level:

Waddi Springs also features an uncommonly high, naturally occurring alkaline pH level of 7.24


Risk Management 

  • All precautions are taken to ensure your staff or family will have enough water for their needs
  • Waddi will work closely with yourself / procurement team to decipher a delivery schedule 
  • Waddi Group will give expert advice on the quantity of water that may be required on site and the frequency of redelivery based on average consumption numbers 
  • Waddi Group will ensure that buffer stock is on site, in the case that your water supply may run unexpecting low
  • Waddi Group has water on hand able to be despatched to all of our commercial and domestic clients in the case of any emergency

Waddi Group currently utilises and manages two Spring Water bottling facilities. The two facilities are in Brisbane, within a short 25-minute drive from the Waddi Group head office this allows our Directors and quality assurance team to be on site daily. 

In the occurrence that one bottling facility is mechanically shutdown, the second bottling facility will be utilised. In the case that a spring is out of production our secondary spring has ample spring water to service both plants.

In the unlikely event that both bottling facilities and Natural springs are in shutdown, Waddi Group has numerous distribution partners nationally that align with our quality and production procedures and protocols hence Waddi Group will always met our clients need for bottled Natural Australian Spring water

In the unlikely event Waddi Springs incurs a contamination issue (100% quality assurance delivery to date). It is important to be aware of the process that must be followed:

  • The client is to contact Waddi Group as soon as a suspected contamination has occurred.
  • All ‘runs’ (the process of Spring water treated on site and bottled) has a sample taken and receives a batch number.

All bottles from the individually identified run will have a trackable batch number. Waddi Group can track the possible contamination to the exact batch run. 

In the case of a recall, all water is trackable by the batch number. The water will be picked up by Waddi and replaced with water from another run with a different batch number at the highest priority.

Waddi Group is acutely aware of the need for pristine drinkable water on sites.

Suspected Contamination Procedure:

  • Contact Waddi Group
  • Check and record the batch number on the bottle
  • Alert respected team to check each bottle at coolers as well as storage crates for the same batch number
  • Remove, physically identify and isolate suspected bottles that have been contaminated by their allocated batch number
  • Replace bottles with Spring water bottles in stock that have a different identifiable batch number
  • Waddi Group will endeavour to send new water to site ASAP
  • Waddi Group will pick up the suspected contaminated water for testing Waddi Group has a back-up emergency supply of water
  • Waddi Group will follow an internal investigation procedural process with comprehensive testing as well as engage third party NATA accredited testing

If required, ask to see our Risk Management Plan for further information.