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Filtered Water Dispensers

Waddi - Reliable Filtered Drinking Water Supplier


Filtered Water Dispensers

Waddi Spings are Australia’s most reliable and well known supplier of Filtered Water systems. Offering a huge range of filtered water options for the home or commercial use. Let us ensure your filtered water solution is fit for purpose and trouble free. We take the hassle out of supplying a constant supply of clean filtered water for your family or employees. The home water filters and domestic water filter solutions make drinking healthy filtered water an easy option to stay hydrated. Our filtered water solutions are compact, stylish and no fuss. The sediment and carbon filters ensure all bacteria, sediment, and contaminants are removed from the water. The monthly hire servicing includes an annual filter changeover (for both the carbon and sediment filters) and a service and clean every 6 months. 

Our Bottled Water Dispensers come in a wide range of options to suit all needs, also with a range of payment options there is a style and a solution to suit all needs and purposes. It’s never been easier to order Quality pure filtered water for your home or office. 

Home Water Dispensers are perfect for a family and with our delivery service it’s one less thing to think about. Our Water filter systems are easy to use, set up and delivery is seamless with our delivery service. 

Our Water dispensers also come with a vast range of accessories adding extra ease to their use. Additional accessories such as storage racks, paper cups and returnable Spring Water bottles all add to the Waddi Springs, Spring Water experience. Our efficient and modern range fits perfectly with those that lead a busy lifestyle but ultimately value their health. Our filtered water systems are perfect for home use as well and are an easy alternative to manual filtration systems. Browse our range of accessories and dispensers to see how a filtered water dispenser can seamlessly fit into your home kitchen.